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February 2020

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Worralls World


Firstly we want to sincerely thank everyone who has been part of our lives this past year. We thank you for your input into our lives. We especially thank those of you who invested your time and/or resources in our lives. We could not do this ministry without you.

Family selfie

Well, we knew that 2019 was going to be a bit tough for our little family. We expected that we would need to lean into the Lord and tap into His strength. The year was tougher than we could imagine.

The first few months went the way we expected.

Peter underwent two different radiation treatments for prostate cancer in January and February. The follow-up appointment and test results have been positive. Although the full outcome won’t be clear until March 2020 when the effects of the Androgen Depravation Therapy (ADT) will have completely left his body. We expected that.

Laurie’s surgery in March for repairs from a surgical procedure she received in 2009 went well. However, there were some complications following her surgery that required her to be in hospital longer than we expected. She again has swallowing difficulties as a result of the surgery. She has recently had some extreme pain in her lower back and hips. We are waiting to confirm the results with our family doctor. But the information so far suggests that she is developing Osteoarthritis in her lower spine and hips. We didn’t expect that.

Ruth And DadAnd then in May, following a long battle with congestive heart failure, Laurie’s father and the co-founder of YWAM Associates and family patriarch passed to his reward. While it was not a complete surprise given his long battle. His passing has still left an enormous hole in our lives and the ministry. Laurie did not think that she could miss someone so much! Family and friends came from all points of the globe to celebrate his life. That was something we didn’t expect.

Ruth 2019 size edit 2

2019 Grade 5

Ruth seems to be having a good year with her education. She seems to be having a quite few “a-ha” moments. It’s really helping that she has some very skilled and experienced educational assistants in her class as well as another good teacher. She decided to give gymnastics another try. Previously, Salta Gymnastics here in Medicine Hat had a program for special needs children which suited us nicely. This time there was no such program available. But, after Laurie had some discussions with the staff at Salta. Ruth started on a program with a young coach with Ruth as her only student. Ruth’s Coach has suggested to us that she would like Ruth to participate in the 2022 Special Olympics that are to be held here is Medicine Hat. She is planning for Ruth to compete in the gymnastics floor routine event. We think that this is a good opportunity and are going to encourage Ruth.


bella DEc 2019


We have adopted a new family member. Ruth has been asking on a few occasions for a pet. Dad & Mom told her that when she was completely finished with toilet training we would consider getting a dog. In 2019, Ruth achieved toilet training, so Mom & Dad had to step up! In June, we adopted a Pomeranian/ShiTzu pup. Ruth promptly named her Bella. So we are back to toilet training, which is a bit more challenging during winter.

Dogg potty time

Our role in the YWAM Associates ministry has not changed much this year. We still oversee the administrative part of the ministry and help manage the resources of Mom Donna’s “Listening To God” teaching ministry. Peter made the observation that we are like a bearing deep inside an engine. We go unnoticed most of the time, but the task we do keeps the machine running. And we are good with that!

The electronic magazine eTouch, that Dad Jordan sent out regularly is now not as regular. In fact we have not published an edition since October. The whole ministry is going to change. Many people are going to gather here in Medicine Hat in June 2020 to seek the Lord on the future direction of YWAM Associates.

We sense that The Lord is asking us to remain in this ministry. So for us, it will be more of the same. We plan to continue to serve YWAM Associates and Mom Jordan for as long as we feel that is where God is asking us to stay.

Our financial support has declined quite a bit, which has made us even more prudent in our lifestyle. But we know that God is in control and is taking care of us! God does continue to provide for us daily, and we are just so grateful to Him as we continue trusting Him, living one day at a time. We love and appreciate each one of you! Please let us know what your prayer needs are so we can be praying for you too.

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support. We could not do what we do without you.

May God richly bless you in 2020.
With Love

Peter, Laurie & Ruth

We live totally by faith. If you would like to help us financially, please make your cheque payable to “Youth With A Mission” and include a separate note with our name. By sending your support through these organizations you are eligible to receive a tax receipt.

In Canada, please send your support to:
Project Funding Office,
PO Box 57100 RPO East Hastings,
Vancouver BC
If you prefer an online method of supporting us, try visiting the YWAM Project Funding webpage here: https://www.ywamcanada.org/donations.html

In USA, please send your support to:
Youth With A Mission
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January 2019

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2017 Family photo edit 2 resize


It has been suggested to us that we should never begin a newsletter with an apology. But we think in this case we need to ask your forgiveness for not staying connected with the very people who faithfully support us. Whether the type of support is material, spiritual or both, it is irrelevant to us. We appreciate it all and value it highly! So, we are very sorry for not keeping you in the loop as much as we should.

The last few years have been eventful to say the least. More on that later.

Our ministry is really a dual ministry that is sort of connected.

Laurie and Peter are still working full time with YWAM Associates.

Laurie watches over the financial needs of the YWAM Associates ministry. She also helps to keep the financial details of Mom Donna’s “Listening To God” ministry in order.

Meanwhile, Peter takes care of the communication with the various provincial and federal authorities that govern Canadian charities. In addition, Peter tries to keep the YWAM Associates website current and assists Dad Jordan each month with the formatting and delivery of the YWAM Associates electronic magazine “eTouch”. Peter also helps with the packaging and dispatching of Mom Donna’s “Listening To God” resources.

Laurie also helps to take care of Dad & Mom Jordan’s medical needs and Peter helps with their computer and “tech” needs.

Ruth 2018 School photo single resize copyOur little girl is growing up! As you can see from the photo on the left, she is turning into a young lady – well most of the time. Ruth turned 10 years old in November of 2018. At times she is still very much our little girl.Herald School logo edit Ruth is currently in Grade 4 at Herald School here in Medicine Hat. She is on a modified curriculum that helps her with her academic and social needs. We cannot speak highly enough of the energetic, committed and caring Herald School community where, as they say “all the pieces fit”.

Both Laurie & Peter are facing some significant health challenges in 2019.
Some of you may recall that Laurie had a “Nissan Fundoplication” procedure done nearly 10 years ago. Short description is that the surgeon wrapped the top of her stomach around her esophagus to try and stop the terrible reflux she was suffering. The outcome was not all that successful.

Anyway, she has been having more issues with it as well as some other medical issues and as a result of a some ultrasounds and an endoscopy they have found that she has 2 incisional hernias in her stomach wall. Those are a result of a major surgery years ago to remove her colon. In addition, the top of her stomach is poking through her diaphragm. It’s called a “paraesophageal” hiatus hernia. We have seen the surgeon who did her Fundoplication surgery and the surgery to repair the paraesophageal hernia is set for March 7th.

Peter was diagnosed about 4 years ago with a low grade prostate cancer and has been managing it with what is called “active observation”. However, in late 2017 Peter underwent a biopsy and the result of that was a change in the treatment. He was put on a Androgen Depravation Therapy (ADT) treatment in November of 2018. And, on January 7th, begins a three week course of external beam radiation, followed in mid February by a high dose radiation Brachytherapy procedure.The prognosis for Peter is quite good.

Dad Jordan has had a bit of a rough time in the last few months from a medical point of view as well. On October 8th he was admitted to the Medicine Hat Hospital with renal failure. He spent 5 weeks in hospital and has since made a partial recovery. Dad developed a bed sore while in hospital and has been receiving treatment from the HomeCare nursing staff. He is in good sprits but is still quite frail.

We plan to continue to serve YWAM Associates and Dad & Mom Jordan for as long as we feel that is where God is asking us to stay.

God does continue to provide for us daily, and we are just so grateful to Him as we continue trusting Him, living one day at a time. We love and appreciate each one of you! Please let us know what your prayer needs are so we can be praying for you too.
Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support. We could not do what we do without you.

May God richly bless you in the coming year of 2019.
With Love
Peter, Laurie & Ruth

We live totally by faith. If you would like to help us financially, please make your cheque payable to “Youth With A Mission” and include a separate note with our name. By sending your support through these organizations you are eligible to receive a tax receipt.

In Canada, please send your support to:
Project Funding Office,
PO Box 57100 RPO East Hastings,
Vancouver BC

If you prefer an online method of supporting us, try visiting the YWAM Project Funding webpage here: https://www.ywamcanada.org/donations.html

In USA, please send your support to:
Youth With A Mission
15850 Richardson Springs Road
Chico CA 95973

Spring 2014

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The three of us lo res

Dear Family and Friends,

We do not really like starting a letter like this . . .

Ruth signs her name vertBut we are really sorry you have not heard from us for such a long time!

As some of you may know, Laurie has been unwell for the last 3 years–with different injuries including cancer and whiplash (twice). But she is slowly recovering and getting more energy back every day. PTL!

Peter has had to step up as chief cook and bottle washer–he has been so fantastic and supportive.

We also just love being parents—Ruthie has been such a joy and blessing to us—and to anyone who meets her! Ruth is in her second year of pre-school and loving it. In an  attempt to help relieve sleep apnea, she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out in March. During that same operation she had ear tubes put in as well. She has been diagnosed with some hearing problems that the medical community here in Alberta are working with us to try and resolve.

God continues to provide for us daily and we have just been taking one day at a time.

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. Matthew 6:34 (The Message)


God does continue to provide for us daily and we are just so grateful to Him as we live one day at a time. We love and appreciate each one of you! Please let us know what your prayer needs are so we can be praying for you

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support. We could not do what we do without you.First Family selfie

We live totally by faith. If you would like to help us financially please make your cheque or money order payable to “Youth With A Mission” and include a separate note with our name. By sending your support through these organizations you are eligible to receive a tax receipt.

In USA, please send your support to:
Youth With A Mission
15850 Richardson Springs Road
Chico CA
95973 USA

In Canada, please send your support to:
Project Funding Office,
PO Box 57100 RPO
East Hastings,
BC V5K 5G6

sandwich kiss

Awww duh!

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Awww duh!

That’s Ruth-speak for it’s all finished!

We had a followup visit with the oncologist in Lethbridge on August 13th. During that appointment he stated that everything look really good, and from what he could see on Laurie’s most recent mammogram she is cancer free.

Praise The Lord!!

Thank you to everyone for holding us up in prayer the way you have.

While we were in Lethbridge we used the same same senior citizens facility we had stayed at during Laurie’s radiation treatment. The residents remembered Ruth from our last stay and she again brought a ray of sunshine into their lives. An aide who had not been there on our last visit commented that she had not seen a reaction from the residents like the one she saw when Ruthie walked into the dining room. Ruth did kinda attract attention to herself by letting out a loud HEY! The aide said that when Ruth did that, the faces of everyone in the room just beamed, even the “grumpy ones” she said. We only stayed there for one night, but were able to connect with some friends we made during our last visit.

When we returned home from the radiation treatment in late April, the Oncologist at the clinic in Lethbridge warned us that the side effects of the radiation treatment would continue to intensify for 2 weeks after the last treatment. He wasn’t kidding! Much of the treatment site developed blisters and was very painful. Laurie was slathering on copious amounts of a moisturizing lotion to try an ease some of the pain, but it didn’t seem to make a much difference. The radiation site is still tender and looks like there has been a severe sunburn.

Laurie is still working through some heavy fatigue. She is slightly better than she was but still no where near where she was 2½ years ago. We are not sure if the fatigue is a result from the radiation treatment or still a legacy from the “chronic fatigue syndrome” that we have had to contend with for the last 2½ years. We are trying to go for light walks every chance we get. The summer heat really hits Laurie hard so we avoid walking when the temperature gets around 30 degrees C. We have been trying to extend the walks a bit each time too.

We were very happy with the school that Ruth attended. The Herald School has a focus on special needs students and Ruth did well. There were a few goals that Ruth did not quite achieve, but we think she will catch up in the next couple of years. While we were in Lethbridge her teacher and the assistants really did miss her as did her class mates too. One weekend near the end of the school year she was invited to a birthday party of a school friend, the first one she had attended for someone other than family. Now that we have done everything we can for Laurie’s situation we will try to get caught up on the the testing on Ruth’s eyes and hearing. We will be heading to Calgary soon for more testing on Ruth’s ears, eyes and teeth and a sleep study to find out if sleep apnea is an issue.

In between all this, we both continue to work with YWAM Associates International, in addition to  serving as personal assistants for Dad & Mom Jordan.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support over the years. We would not be where we are today without you, our friends & family.

And now here is a video and a few photos of us (Ruth in particular).


Ruth and one of  her friends from Lethbridge

Ruth and one of her friends from Lethbridge

Ruth helping to entertain in Lethbridge

Ruth helping to entertain in Lethbridge

Trying on daddies socks

Trying on daddies socks

Samoan Girl

Samoan Girl

Ruth imitating Dad

Ruth imitating Dad

Reading with Grandpa and Grandma

Reading with Grandpa and Grandma

Private chat with Mummy

Private chat with Mummy

Private chat with Leilani

Private chat with Leilani

On the phone again!

On the phone again!

Just singing in my doll crib

Just singing in my doll crib

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

A cheerio snack with kitty

A cheerio snack with kitty

Past the halfway mark!

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Today (Tuesday April 16th) Laurie completed treatment #9 of 16.

She is starting to feel some of the side effects that the staff told her about, pain, discolouration and tightness at the treatment site . There is no feeling at all when the treatment is in process by the sound of it. She has become accustomed to the machine so the claustrophobia has diminished somewhat. The people in the clinic really are good though. They have to deal with some patients who are at all different stages of cancer and as a result at many different stages of their emotion too. One of the more comforting sights that confronts Laurie every treatment is a symbol of the cross right above the machine. She looses sight of it as the machine does it’s rotations around her body but she always searches for it. Embedded in the cross are cameras and laser guides that  are a functional part of the radiation machine, but it is still comforting to see it there.

We are renting a room in a senior citizens facility that is directly across the road from the hospital. The people who operate the facility very generously offer a few rooms for rent to folks in our circumstance. It very convenient for us as it’s a 5 minute walk for us to go for Laurie’s treatment.  The staff here at Sunrise Village are very accommodating and are just plain nice people. The residents and staff  here have fallen in love with Ruth too. We have our meals with the residents in the dining room. Every time we walk in to the dining room for a meal Ruthie does a walk around to every table and shakes hands with almost everyone in the room including the staff. It’s become quite a routine for us now and it seems the residents love it!  Quite often Ruth will end up with a couple of dollars too!  One old gentleman gets quite emotional when Ruth gives him a smile. It’s very sweet to see. More than once we have had a traffic jam of walking frames around our table after the meal. It so touching how a little girl can bring such light into their lives.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. We do read them and value your thoughts and words highly.

Queen Ruth

Ruthie getting a ride from Jean

Two down – fourteen to go

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Well here we are at the end of the first week of the radiation therapy, well 2 treatments anyway.

The people in the Jack Ady clinic here in Lethbridge are really good. Laurie is a little intimidated by the process and gets a bit claustrophobic during the treatments. She is by herself in a big room with a huge machine humming all around her. But the staff here are good at putting her at ease. So far there have been no noticeable side effects. We have been told to expect the side effects the get worse as we get further along with the treatments.

Ruth and Pete are just hanging out trying to be supportive.

We will keep you “in the loop” as best as we can. Thanks for your prayers and care, we appreciate it so much!


Pete, Laurie n Ruthie

Worrall’s World ~ March 1st

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Hi again everyone!

We thought that we should keep you updated with Laurie’s situation. As we mentioned in our last post, we had our first appointment with a Oncologist on Wed the 27th. It’s the first time we have actually spoken with a cancer specialist since they discovered the mass in October of last year.

We will try to pass on the information we heard from the Oncologist. Sitting with him was a bit like trying to get a glass of water from a fire hydrant with all the information that came at us, but we will try to pass on the information as best as we can.

The Oncologist classified the mass as a Tubular/ductal carcinoma  and he rated Laurie at stage – IB. The reason he said it was stage IB was because the cancer had traveled to the lymph node. He also said that it was rare for a mass of 6 mm to have traveled to the lymph node and because of that he wanted to get some of his colleagues in Calgary to review our situation. He is also sending a sample to Calgary to be retested, and the results from both his peer review and the extra testing could indicate if chemotherapy will be needed.

He did say though that he did not feel that chemotherapy would be the best course of action. His reasons for that were that chemotherapy is very hard on the body and the reduction in the likelihood of reoccurrence did not outweigh the damage done by the side effects of the chemotherapy.

So the course of therapy he is recommending is a 2 year course of a drug called Tamoxifen followed by a 3 year course with another medication that we are yet to hear about. This type of breast cancer is fuelled by estrogen, and as Tamoxifen is an estrogen blocker it should reduce the chance of the cancer reoccurring by about 10-12%. Untreated, the probability of reoccurrence is about 25%.Tamoxifen also lowers the risk of breast cancer in the opposite breast. Of course there are side effects with this treatment as well. The most common side effects are similar to menopause symptoms. There are some rare side effects that can be quite serious.

The other part of the plan is that Laurie will have to undergo a course of radiation therapy. That could be as short a 3 weeks or as long as 5 weeks. We would have to travel to Lethbridge for that therapy. There is one treatment every day during that period and with a 2 hour drive from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge we plan to stay in Lethbridge for the duration of the therapy. We have heard that there is a very comfortable and affordable guest house not far from the Lethbridge cancer clinic, so we hope to be able to stay there.

We would appreciate your prayers as we run headlong into another tough journey.

Pete, Laurie & Ruth

BTW here are a few more photos of Ruth being Ruth to cheer you up.

Like this?

Is this how it goes?


I'm ready for my first day!

I’m ready for my first day!


Just me & my uke


On Skype here!


The Ruth Report ~ February 2013

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The real problem is not why some pious, humble,

believing people suffer, but why some do not.”

C.S. Lewis


Let’s hope that we are not setting a pattern here. A new post in February 2010, the next new one in February of 2011, and now this in February of 2013. At this rate our next post should be in January or February of 2016. We won’t let that happen.

To all those people who have faithfully kept checking our blog for a new post, thank you! And to all of you who support us, both prayer or otherwise, thank you. Please forgive us for not remaining in contact with in the way we should, and the way you deserve!

It was never our intent to keep running (if that is what you can call it) this blog in this way. But in our defense, the last 2 years are a period that we are happy to have behind us.

Mom & me going to school

Mom & me going to school

However, this is the “Ruth Report” so we will give you a glimpse into Ruthie’s life first, and fill you in on a few other details later on.

Our Ruth is now a school girl. She is enrolled in a pre-school development program that is geared to her special needs at the “Herald School” here in Medicine Hat. She started attending in September of 2012 and is loving the experience. She attends for about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. At the end of the week she is very tired, so we think that she goes non-stop from the time we drop her off to when we pick her up. She is very popular among her classmates and many people from around the school not involved in her class are captivated by her. Her walking is still a little unsteady but has improved in leaps and bounds since starting school. We think the realization that she could have a lot more fun by walking has been a big encouragement for her to walk. The education system here in Alberta provides funding for Ruth to have a full time teacher’s assistant with her. Tamara is Ruth’s helper and is a wonderful person for Ruth.

Ruth seems to have a gift of music too. She sings quite a bit, and we don’t remember a child her age with a feel for rhythm like Ruth. Peter has posted some videos of Ruth “in action”. If you want to watch, click on these links http://vimeo.com/51968985 and http://vimeo.com/30689070 and http://vimeo.com/60302670

Getting ready for my ear operation

Getting ready for my ear operation

We found out though, as a result of some testing done in mid 2012 that she does not hear very well. Her hearing in her left ear is not too bad but her right ear does not hear very well at all. We took her to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary in September 2012 where she had an operation to have tubes put in her eardrums in an attempt to improve her hearing. She came through the surgery OK, ( Mom & Dad were a bit worse for wear). We were to go back in early 2013 to have more testing done but circumstances have prevented us doing that just yet.

We also discovered in mid 2012 that her eyesight is not 20/20 either. Ruth has mild astigmatism and now has some really cute glasses. She wears them mostly at school at the moment. Again, we had planned to return to Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary in early 2013 to have her eyes checked again, but, those circumstances just keep getting in the way.

About those circumstances!

In January of 2011 Laurie caught what seemed to be some sort of ‘flu’ like virus. It knocked her off her feet for about a week, and when she recovered from it she was left with a with a debilitating loss of energy. We both thought that it was just a legacy from the flu bug and that Laurie would bounce back.

We were both wrong!

By the middle of the 2011 she was trying to cope with low energy levels to the extent that something as simple as a shower left her so exhausted that walking down stairs was a huge effort, and it took her 45 minutes to recover from the shower. A specialist doctor did a whole range of tests including testing for sleep apnea (which came back negative), and identified the problem in mid 2011 as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. After a few months of regular trips to see him the specialist doctor was not able to pin down the cause of the fatigue and by the end of 2011, the medical community here in Medicine Hat seemed to have given up trying to find a solution. We were left with a feeling that this was something we would just have to manage for the rest of our lives.

In January of 2012 Dad & Mom Jordan contacted a long time friend who has a medical practice in Oregon, USA and asked if he would be able to help us. He is one of those rare doctors who doesn’t fear alternate medical tests and therapies. After looking over Laurie’s medical records he suggested that Laurie get tested for low cortisol levels. He helped us with the test and the results from that indicated that Laurie did indeed have low adrenal gland output. So we presented our GP here in Medicine Hat with the test results, but unfortunately our GP did not accept the results as valid. Fortunately, our friend in Oregon was able to help here too and provided us with the medication we needed. Laurie started on a course of medication and by September of 2012 was starting to get back a bit more energy.

Then in mid October 2012, Laurie had her annual mammogram.

The radiologist found a mass in Laurie’s right breast that he thought was suspicious. He sent the results to our family doctor. Our family doctor then referred us to a surgeon here in Medicine Hat. Laurie had a biopsy on the mass in mid November. They took out the whole mass at the same time, it was quite small (6 mm/.23 inches). We were informed in early December that the mass was cancerous.

So on January 3rd, they did a “sentinel node biopsy” on her lymph nodes in her right armpit to find out if the cancer has spread. During the biopsy, they took out 3 lymph nodes and have discovered small traces of cancer cells in one of the nodes. The surgeon didn’t try to speculate what that means in terms of further treatment. He called it a “micrometastases” I think and said that it was less than half a mm (.0193 inches).

Since then, Laurie has had a whole battery of tests including a bone scan and a CT scan. We have an appointment with a visiting oncologist here in Medicine Hat on February 27th. From there we will find out if the rest of the year will unfold.

We are both still working full time in missions with Dad & Mom Jordan.

Blessings Pete, Laurie & Ruth

Dad & I going to school

Dad & I going to school


Tamara helping me with show & tell

I ready for winter!

I ready for winter!

Trying on my new tuque from Auntie Rebekah

Trying on my new tuque from Auntie Rebekah

Just me & my ukulele

Just me & my ukulele

The Ruth Review: February 2011

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February, 2011

Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Well we really intended to keep this blog up-to-date. At least we did not plan to have you wait so long for another update of the Ruth Review!  Sorry for keeping you in suspense.

Where do we start?

Ruth has been steadily getting stronger and stronger. Her fine motor skills (picking up things with 2 fingers, signing etc) and gross motor skills (creeping, crawling etc) are getting better and better every day.

Ruth is still creeping most of the time. There are times when she decides to crawl.  She is also moving from one piece of furniture to another by herself.

We have been trying to be consistent with using sign language with Ruth. She has picked up the basic signs like “eat”, “more”, “bath”. “all finished”, “help!” which are now a common part of her vocabulary. We want to expand the signs she uses and understands, this seems to work well for her in communicating.

She has gone through some really cute stages this year too. She now plays peak-a-boo quite well. She has not quite mastered the idea that you aren’t supposed to peek in between your hands, but that ends up being soooo cute!

One of the more intriguing behaviour we saw this year was her “evicting” her stuffed toy from her bed before her afternoon nap. It was very cute and didn’t last too long. We think that she worked out that when she chucked everybody out there was nothing to play with when she woke.

Our little girl is now a traveler too. During the year we were able to get to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “Bethel Chapel” in Pointe Claire, Montreal. Bethel Chapel is the “home” church of the Jordan’s and have supported the Jordan’s since they joined YWAM in 1976. Bethel Chapel have included us in their support for which we are grateful. The folks at Bethel Chapel had not met Pete or Ruthie so we decided it was time to made the trip. Ruth did very well considering her routines were completely messed up. She made friends with the folks sitting in the rows behind us on the flight from Calgary to Toronto and the train ride from Toronto to Montreal and back.  Ruthie won the hearts of lots of friends and relatives in both Toronto and Montreal.

In November we were on staff with YWAM Associates Renewal Gathering in Kona, Hawaii, and, again, Ruth did very well with all the traveling we did. We found out in Hawaii that she likes island music and dance.  Her hands start moving in rhythm with the music and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see a kind of “hula”. We look forward to the time when she dances with her cousins.

Thank you all for your prayers as we continue to work with Youth With A Mission Associates International – our monthly support, as of January has been cut in half, but God continues to provide each and every need we have.

We will attach a few pictures of Ruthie so you can see how she is growing up.  She is cutting her 4 eyeteeth right now, which is not a lot of fun for her, but she is a trooper!

Much love Pete, Laurie n Ruthie


Ruthie's first train trip

Ruthie dancing at the Luau


Helping Grandpa sign his new book

Meeting my Auntie Michelle for the first time

I love my Daddy!

The Ruth Review #1: Phirst Phamily Photo!

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Well it’s been a month since we updated our blog –  how time flies when you are having fun!

And are we ever having fun with our Ruthie – she is an amazing child, bringing much joy to everyone she meets.

Ruthie had a complete check up with a paediatric cardiologist, including an ECG, heart ultra sound, and chest xray – the Dr gave her a clean bill of health – absolutely no problems with her heart (it is very common for babies with Down Syndrome to have heart problems, ie holes in their hearts)  We are so thankful for this news!

Ruthie continues to gain weight and eats her fruits, cereal, veggies and meat (mostly pureed) with gusto!  She drinks for her sippy cup more than her bottle these days.  Ruth loves to clap her hands as we sing to her and stand on her little feet with our help.  She is not quite sitting up by herself yet, but definitely getting better muscle strength in her back and neck.

One of Ruthie’s favourite things to do is video chat with her Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties and cousins on Skype – she recognizes her cousin Leilani (who is in Australia doing a DTS) and Grandma and Grandpa.  We miss them so much!

A physiotherapist came to the house to assess Ruthie – she was quite impressed with our girl, and has given us helpful tips to help us with Ruth’s development.  Ruth’s therapist was so thrilled to be working with a Down Syndrome child.  They are finding that there are less and less Downs babies being born – sadly the pre natal testing that is available these days confirms that the baby is Downs and they are more often aborted.  This truly breaks our hearts to even imagine!

Now for some more photo’s – you will see below our first family photo!  Took some doing, but we got one we liked of the 3 of us, and lots we liked of Ruth on her own. (Thanks Matt!)

So enjoy some more pictures…

Our Phirst Phamily Photo!

If your happy and you know it clap your hands...


The "Converse" kids - Hannah, Ruthie and Leilani

Working hard with Daddy!

Nice tat Cuzin Manu!

Sound asleep with her Lovey

Chatting on Skype!

I love my food!

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